Assisting Landholders to be Weeds Aware

Sep 10, 2013

Media Release

With the weather warming up and the promise of rain just around the corner, pastures and crops that have been resting over the winter will begin their annual growing cycle.  However, weed seed deposited into the soil profile last season and spread by the January flooding will also be starting to germinate and will spread as conditions improve.

Invasive weeds such as parthenium and giant rat’s tail grass have the potential to severely impact onfarm production and profitability. The Burnett Mary Regional Group (BMRG) is working closely with councils, communities and landholders to increase awareness of these specific species of concern and implement methods for their management and control. 

Ms Cathy Mylrea, Flood Recovery Coordinator with BMRG, said that it is important that landholders act now to understand how they can work to address the issue of invasive weeds on their properties.

‘Our productive grazing and cropping lands are the bread and butter of our regional communities and need to be returned to full production as soon as possible. This means an integrated management approach to weed control is needed that not only involves chemical and mechanical control but also an understanding of how grazing stock and farm vehicles and machinery need to be managed to control the spread of invasive weeds.  Now is a perfect time to look at the layout of the infrastructure on our farming properties to be sure that we don’t contribute to spreading weeds through our activities.’ She said.

A free property management planning service is now available to all landholders across the Burnett.

BMRG and the Burnett Catchment Care Association (BCCA) have introduced this service so that landholders can receive information on how well their properties are prepared or update and review their existing property management plans to ensure they address the threats posed by invasive weeds. 

Landholders who are interested in learning more about the property planning service or who would like more information on the weed control project are encouraged to register their interest with BMRG on (07) 4181 2999 or BCCA on (07) 4166 3898.

The invasive weed control project is a BMRG initiative funded under the Queensland and Australian governments’ Ex-Tropical Cyclone Oswald Onfarm and Riparian Recovery program. This program is helping reinstate agricultural productivity and assisting primary producers to become more resilient to future events.




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Louise Newman

Burnett Catchment Care Assosciation

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