The Burnett Mary Caring for Country Alliance is born

Oct 24, 2016

BM_CC_Alliance.jpgFollowing a powerful welcome and cultural induction by Butchulla representatives, Aboriginal delegates from Traditional Owner groups across the region met to progress an Aboriginal caring for country and natural resource management agenda for the Burnett Mary region. One of the key outcomes from the meeting was the initiation of the Burnett Mary Caring for Country Alliance.

Since the Regional Traditional Owner Working Group was disbanded two years ago, it was decided that there needed to be an Aboriginal governance structure to support Aboriginal community priorities for country across the region.  Collaboration between all the Traditional Owner groups in the region is important to achieve goals for caring for country and protecting Aboriginal heritage, and the opportunity to learn from each-other and share resources were key points for establishing the Alliance. A draft ‘Terms of Reference’ for the Burnett Mary Caring for Country Alliance is being developed, and the group is expected to begin delivering and supporting projects and activities in 2017.

Other outcomes from the meeting were the development of processes and identifying key gaps in Aboriginal heritage assessment and protection.  The emerging technology being developed by Brett Leavy’s ‘Virtual Songlines’ was presented, and opportunities for cultural revival and cultural education were explored using this amazing ‘time-machine’ technology.  Brett’s work can be explored at the following link

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