Drought Relief Assistance scheme

Mar 03, 2014

Despite recent rains, more than 75% of Queensland is still drought declared, there are many resources that can help you find out information to help during this time.

Drought Relief Assistance Scheme

The Drought Relief Assistance Scheme is set up by the Queensland Government to help primary producers in the grazing industries manage their livestock resource during drought and to help in the restoration of that resource after drought. The Scheme is administered by DAFF (Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry). Eligibility criteria applies, including that the property is within a drought-declared area or has a current Individually Droughted Property (IDP) Declaration. Assistance under the scheme is not available to hobby farmers.

Individually Droughted Property (IDP) Declaration

There are five types of assistance available to eligible primary producers within a drought-declared area or with an IDP Declaration:
  • Freight subsidy for transport of fodder – used in the maintenance feeding of cattle, sheep, goats, deer, working and breeding horses that are not normally fed

  • Freight subsidy for water cartage – for water carted for stock

  • Freight subsidy for livestock returning from agistment – for return of stock sent to agistment

  • Freight subsidy for transport of animals purchased for restocking after the drought

  • Rebate for water infrastructure purchased for emergency animal welfare needs.

To be eligible for an IDP Declaration, the property must meet the rainfall criteria (once in 10-15 year deficiency).

Rainfall data for the previous 12 months must be made available to the local drought committee on inspection.

Other Government Departments or Councils may also require an IDP Declaration to access their assistance.

Drought Assistance for Farmers

The Burnett Inland Economic Development Organisation (BIEDO) has also produced an easy read summary outlining;

  • Government Payments, Subsidies and Rebates

  • Practical assistance that is available - food, fodder, etc

  • How you can help drought affected families

  • Support Services, Relevant Contacts, Articles, Website Links etc

  • How to deal with "stress"

For additional information on available government assistance, a summary fact sheet explains schemes such as the Interim Farm Household Allowance.

For more information on Queensland Government Assistance

For more information on Australian Government Assistance

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