Burnett Mary Climate Summit

Apr 28, 2014

Climate_Summit_Email_HeaderNew.jpgThe Burnett Mary Regional Group is hosting the Burnett Mary Climate Summit - The Science and Economics of Change at the Brolga Theatre, Maryborough on June 3, 2014. 

The Summit will bring together the country's foremost experts in Climate Science to discuss the latest ideas about climate variability and its impacts upon our economy and the management of our region's natural resources into the future.  It is designed to set the scene for our region's key stakeholders to help establish planning and investment priorities as part of a review that is being conducted that will form the Burnett Mary NRM & Climate Adaptation Plan 2015.

The summit will also provide producers and business owners with the opportunity to learn about strategies that can help them position their businesses for a future where climate change and variability may become an increasingly important factor.

Click here to hear BMRG Project Officer, Rachel Lyons, who is coordinating the event and the formation of the NRM & Climate Adaptation Plan discuss the issue.

For more info about the Climate Summit, Click here

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