National Landcare Program (NLP) What is in it for you?

Dec 19, 2014

nlp-logo.pngThe Australian government has released the guidlelines for the National Landcare Program. The government has given responsibility for regiona funding under the program to be delivered by Australia's 56 Regiona NRM bodies and catchment authorities.

One of the tenets of the program is that 20% of the regional funding allocation must be given to Landcare and community groups towards onground projects and related activities.

In order to ensure that BMRG is able to to do this in a transparent manner we are holding a series of 5 Community Information Sessions across the region towards the end of January 2015.

Landcare groups, community groups, Traditional Owner Groups and any other interested parties are invited to attend these sessions to find out more about the program and provide input into how this is to be rolled out.

For more information on the NLP including the program delivery guidelines and FAQs please visit the governments website 

For details about the locations and times for these community meetings click here

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