Burnett Mary region prepares for Severe Tropical Cyclone Marcia

Feb 20, 2015

As the region prepares for our third major climatic storm event in 6 years, our thoughts are with you all; whether you are a landholder in Gayndah, a community group in Hervey Bay or a business owner in one of our region’s major economic centres.

Right now, you are probably watching TV or listening to the radio making decisions for you and your family.

If you are staying put, then the Emergency Management Queensland have some great suggestions on how to prepare your house and what to do in a cyclone.

For horses and other farm animals – there’s advice from the Australian Veterinarians Association.  If you are in a high risk area, you should be enacting your emergency management plans for your stock (if you have one) moving stock to safer areas where possible.   

For Canegrowers and other irrigators, please take time to secure your pumps and other farm equipment. 

But be reassured, that the BMRG is, and will remain, open for business and are preparing ourselves to be ready to help you with technical and other support after the storm has passed.   

For more information, please contact the BMRG on (07) 4181 2999.

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