Climate Change Projections - What does it Mean for the Burnett Mary?

Feb 26, 2015

Climate-change123.jpgIn late January the CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) released a report about the latest projections for Australia’s future climate, based on the outputs of 40 climate models.  These projections, the most robust assessment of Australia’s future climate undertaken, include a “confidence statement” for each projection set. View the report here.

The projections were also refined on a regional basis, “clusters of like NRM regions”, to support natural resource management planning undertaken by Australia’s 56 NRM groups. The Burnett Mary region lies in the northern section of the East Coast Sector. Click here to view.

This information is informing BMRG's review of the Natural resource management plan - "The Burnett Mary NRM & Climate Adaptation Plan 2015". This plan, anticipated to be release in mid 2015 will help guide future investment in our region.

Climate Change Projections 2030 - 2090 

Click here to download an infographic containing climate change projections across a range of scenarios including temperature, fire, rainfall and sea level rise.

For additional information about the plan please email George Martin or call 4181 2999 ext 121

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