Farewell Shorebirds - Final Week!

Apr 10, 2015

Imagine being mid-way to London and discovering there is no food or water on your flight! How does making a return trip from the east to west coast of Australia and doing it all again with no rest sound? These are similar to the challenges facing Australian shorebirds every day.

There is now less than two weeks to register for the Farewell Shorebirds Challenge, which runs until 19 April. As part of Farewell Shorebirds, BirdLife Australia is challenging all Australians to register their human kilometres and is encouraging participants to create fundraising pages and seek sponsorship of their kilometres. Every kilometre registered helps to get birds to their breeding grounds in the Arctic, and also gives participants the chance to win some impressive prizes.

The major prizes up for grabs include two nights’ accommodation at Thala Beach Nature Reserve, Port Douglas, QLD and a limited edition print from the Flyway Print Exchange, among others. In addition, the next 200 people to register will also receive a limited edition Shorebird ID Booklet to help them identify the departing birds. So head to the website and register now now to be in the running!

As the birds undertake their massive flights this year, they will face a number of challenges along the flyway including reduced access to food and water due to habitat destruction, and fewer places to rest with traditional stopover points being replaced by major urban developments.

The 12,000 kilometre journey ahead of most shorebirds is the equivalent is a massive feat - equivalent to more than two return flights from the East coast to the West coast, or the first leg of the journey to London via Dubai. While Australian travellers are no strangers to long haul flights, even the most loyal frequent flyer would find a 12,000km direct flight with no meal breaks or refreshments a little bit daunting.

So help Birdlife Australia celebrate the 5 million shorebirds (35 species) that are now making that journey by checking out their fun video or better still log on to participate at www.farewellshorebirds.org.au  

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