Growcom’s Whatever the Weather project

Jun 22, 2015

As some of you may know, over the last 18 months, Jane Muller, Senior Research & Policy Officer with Growcom has been working on the ‘Whatever the Weather’ project which aims to boost disaster risk management and preparedness  in the horticulture industry.

One of her key messages is that we can’t stop extreme weather events from occurring (or causing significant impacts to our farms) – but there are some things we can do that might reduce the impacts or minimise the disruptions to the business.

Many of these actions can be done in the farm office. It is also useful to take stock of some of the lessons that have been learned about disaster recovery from recent events across Queensland. One clear lesson is that choosing to just deal with disasters reactively, if they happen, can actually increase the exposure of your business to more severe impacts.

To help you with your own disaster preparation and recovery, Growcom invite you to check out the materials that they’ve recently been posting on their website.

If it’s easier for you to listen to something, there is a series of videos covering topics such as disaster recovery tips, practical things you can do on the farm and in the farm office to minimise disruptions to your business from an extreme weather event, and a wrap up of what has been learned in our industry from recent disasters. To access the videos, click on this link.

If you prefer to have a read, have a look through the information sheets. There are also some checklists, templates and a self-assessment quiz. Just click here.

For more information or to provide any feedback on these resources – please contact Jane Muller on (07) 3620 3891 or email.

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