Reef Report Card 2014 Released

Sep 25, 2015

707380-great-barrier-reef.jpgThe Office of the Great Barrier Reef has released the 2014 Reef Report Card for the Great Barrier Reef. showing comparisons and measures towards targets defined against 2009 baseline data and targets for improvement set as part of the 2013 Reef Water Quality Protection Plan and the framework to achieve long term sustainability of the Great Barrier Reef set out under the Reef Plan 2050 Long Term Sustainability Plan.

the 2014 Report card measures progress from 2013 to 2014 against these targets across a number of key indicators (sediment nutrient, pesticides) in runoff from the 6 main reef catchment areas (NB: the Burnett Mary Region is the southernmost of the Reef Catchments)

The report card concentrates measuring changes across four main agricultural production practices in these six reef catchments

  • canegrowing
  • horticulture
  • grazing
  • dairy

The Report Card looks at four main indicators of change:

  • Management Practice Indicators - the area across which improved management practices have been undertaken
  • Catchment Indicators - the degree of loss of wetlands and riparian vegetation and the amount of ground cover that is available to reduce polutant flow and erosion
  • Catchment load indicators - uses modelling to determine the annual average reduction in human-induced pollutant loads at the end of the reef catchments
  • Marine condition indicators - focuses mainly on the condition of inshore areas of the Great Barrier Reef directly influenced by river discharge (NB: this indicator is influenced by extreme weather events such as have occurred during the period the report card covers. Marine indicators include remote water quality sensing, seagrass condition and extent and coral coverage and condition.

To make the report card data easier to understand three supporting documents have been produced

There has been much comment and debate about the results in the 2014 report card. Below are statements from the State and Federal ministers responsible for the Great Barrier Reef

Australian Government

Queensland Government

To view the Great Barrier Reef Report Card in full, please click here

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