NRM Plan Seeks Public Submissions

Oct 02, 2015

Scenario_Planning_Workshops_image_for_facebook1.jpgThe draft Burnett Mary NRM & Climate Adaptation Plan 2015 is unique in that it is being delivered online. It has been specifically designed to be an overarching plan providing aspirational direction for investment in natural resource management into a future where climate variability and change is projected.

Climate variability and change will, if methods to deal with its causes are not addressed, impact everyone in the coming years; from our primary producers who will have to deal with extremes in terms of flooding and drought to our outstanding natural assets and the economic and social benefits they provide.

In fact our economy is inextricably linked to how we deal with a future where climate change is a factor.

This is why we believe that it is important to include this variable in NRM planning and equally why it is important that we get as many members from the community involved to provide input and direction NOW during the plans draft stage.

To help guide this process and to develop a the best approaches to managing the regions natural assets, we have prepared a VERY SHORT survey to provide an opportunity for community members to better understand the challenges we face and how the draft plan will be used to deal with them.

Please take the time to provide your responses to this survey. They are anonymous and will add to the greater body of knowledge being developed in order to ensure that our natural resources (air, soils, freshwater, biodiversity) are maintained and enhanced into the future.

Take the survey here

The draft plan is available for review here.

Submissions and public comment about the plan are encouraged via the online submission form here

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