Better Banks for a Better Reef

Nov 04, 2015

bb.jpgThe Burnett Mary Regional Group (BMRG) is currently delivering an Australian Government Reef systems repair initiative that is designed to encourage the Baffle Basin community to improve the management of riparian areas (creeks and wetlands) in the Baffle system. 

The Better Banks for a Better Reef project targets a wide range of land management issues such as weeds, feral pigs, erosion, grazing management practices, and fire management. Each of these threats have the potential to undermine the natural landscape in the Baffle Basin.

A key aim of the Better Banks for a Better Reef project is to protect and enhance vegetation communities along the creeks and waterways throughout the baffle catchment to reduce sediment run-off and improve the quality of water entering the Great Barrier Reef lagoon.

“This project is unique in that there is no financial contribution required from landowners to gain an entirely environmental outcome” said Joel Hodge, BMRG Biodiversity Extension Officer.

“This is a great opportunity for landholders to maintain robust riparian corridors and to protect their property from erosion. Healthy riparian areas also help protect the Great Barrier Reef from the effects of poor water quality.”

Baffle Creek and its adjacent coastal creeks have long been recognised as a benchmark for good water quality. High levels of riparian connectivity play a significant role in this. Flooding between 2010 and 2013, however, has significantly damaged many areas reducing this connectivity. This project hopes to curb this reduction and increase the water quality back to its previously recognised status.

If any landholders within the Baffle Creek catchment area north of the Kolan River or south of Boyne River are interested in better managing their riparian vegetation, BMRG can offer free expert advice and assistance with funding applications.

For more information, contact Joel Hodge on (07) 4181 2999 ext 123 or email.

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