The Spirit of Coastcare

Nov 06, 2015

The Spirit of Coastcare

The Burnett Mary Regional Group has highlighted the role of Coastcare as part of a “Spirit of Landcare” initiative which aims to promote the contribution that the Landcare movement provides in protecting the region’s natural landscapes. The latest in a series of digital stories ( showcases Cooloola Coastcare – a group that has long been working to protect the sensitive coastal environment in the Cooloola area.

Kay Enkelmann, Regional Landcare Facilitator for the Burnett Mary Region, says that the digital stories are short and readily accessible and are a great way of getting the message across about the importance of Landcare. 

“Healthy land and water resources are the cornerstone for our economy and social well-being.” she said.

“I really wanted to display the fantastic things that Landcare groups are doing in our region. This latest clip shows that the “Spirit of Landcare” includes not just landcare groups but also Coastcare, Bushcare and many other like-minded community groups.” she added.

Landcare in the Burnett Mary is made up of small and dedicated groups of individuals who volunteer their time and energy to protecting and enhancing the environment and their work deserves to be celebrated.

Cooloola Coastcare Project Coordinator, Maree Prior said “Coastcare is the same movement as Landcare. It’s all about stewardship of country but specific to the marine and coastal environments.”

The Spirit of Landcare series was developed by the Burnett Mary Regional Group through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme. The Regional Landcare Facilitator Program is an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Agriculture.

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