Have Your Say on Reef Taskforce Interim Report

Jan 28, 2016

707380-great-barrier-reef.jpgThe Great Barrier Reef Water Science Taskforce is seeking feedback on its Interim Report which sets out initial recommendations to the Queensland Government on how to deliver substantial reef water quality improvements.

The Taskforce has been established to provide the Queensland Government with advice on how it can meet its ambitious water quality targets and the priority areas for investing an additional $90 million over five years. The Taskforce’s key objective is to ensure clean water flows from the rivers to the sea to ensure a healthy Great Barrier Reef.

A key finding from the Taskforce was that no single tool will achieve the targets in isolation. Therefore, a range of tools are recommended to deliver the significant changes needed to cost-effectively improve reef water quality. Comments are being sought on what type of tools should be used and what the funding priorities should be. Submissions close on 22 February 2016.

The Taskforce will then consider the feedback and other information and prepare a final report to submit to the Minister for the Great Barrier Reef by May 2016. The Executive Summary, Interim Report, animated video, supporting information and a survey are available on the Great Barrier Reef Living Wonder website.

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