Gympie & District Landcare Bio-control Facility Breeding Success

Feb 05, 2016

DSC00877_Outside-of-tunnel-houses_16m-x-6m.jpgThe scourge of cat’s claw creeper, one of the most destructive declared invasive species, is being met by dedicated and hardworking Landcare groups and volunteers who have been employing mechanical, chemical and biological control methods to fight its spread.

The latest weapon in the bio-control arsenal is the Jewel Beetle. Target specific to cat’s claw creeper, both the adult beetles and their larvae feed upon healthy leaves reducing the plants vigor.

Producing Jewel Beetles in significant numbers is the first step. In combination bio-control agents such as the tingid bug, the Jewel Beetle is set to be a part of a suite of actions designed to reduce the spread of cat’s claw creeper.

The Gympie & District Landcare group has been producing bio-control agents at a facility they have been operating since 2008. They have recently had outstanding success in producing 2500 jewel beetles from a base of 100 in one of their tents at the facility.

Establishing ongoing self-supporting colonies on properties w here cat;s claw creeper has established is not without its difficulties with predation, winter dormancy and weather are all factors in a successful release of bio-control agents.

Biocontrol agents are now available for landholders and the staff at Gympie Landcare are available to discuss options for their release into areas where cat’s claw creeper has taken hold.

For more information please contact Lytnda Wills on 4181 2999 (ext 203) or email


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