Bonye Bu'ru Summer 2016 Edition

Mar 11, 2016

BPAC_Newsletter__SUMMER_2016_1.jpgThe Summer 2016 edition of the Bunya People's Aboriginal Corporation (BPAC) newsletter, Bonye Bu'ru, has been released.

The newsletter highlights the great work of the BPAC Board and the award winning Bunya Mountains Murri Rangers team. This period has seen many positive changes to the ranger team which has expanded significantly to include a number of new rangers. Michael Smith has the senior Murri Ranger role, a richly deserved position. Check out the newsletter to see what's been happening.

Much credit is also due to Selina Hill, Murri Ranger Administration Officer, who has used her creative skills very well and has produced an extremely entertaining publication. We highly recommend reading the newsletter. Well done Selina!!

Click here or on the image to read it.

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