Growing a Great Barrier Reef

Apr 19, 2016

707380-great-barrier-reef.jpgIn late December 2015, the Australian Government called for applicants to deliver the third Phase of the Reef Trust Programme. $56M in funding was allocated to Phase 3 to be delivered by 2019 against three components:

  • Improving grazing land management to reduce erosion losses to the Reef
  • Supporting Cane farmers to move beyond industry best practice for nutrient, irrigation, pesticide and soil management
  • Maintaining water quality improvement momentum in Reef catchment grains, dairy and horticulture industries.

A Reef Alliance has been formed and an MOU signed in what is a unique and innovative new way for the agricultural industry and NRM groups to contribute to improved water quality outcomes for the Great Barrier Reef.

The Reef Alliance is made up of the following groups:

Queenland Famer's Federation Cape York NRM Terrain NRM
NQ Dry Tropics The Burnett Mary Regional Group Fitzroy Basin Association
CANEGROWERS Queensland Dairyfarmer's Organisation Agforce
Growcom Australian Banana Growers' Council Regional Groups Collective






For more information please click here for a summary of how the project will be delivered.

For more information, please send us and email or contact (07) 4181 2999

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