Apr 19, 2016

Baldwin_Swamp_before_weed_removal_9_A2531601.jpgFloating water weeds at Baldwin Swamp are being removed this week by a mechanical harvester.

Under a project funded by the Burnett Mary Regional Group, an amphibious machine known as a Truxor has been hired to remove Salvinia and Water Hyacinth weed from the freshwater lagoons in one of Bundaberg’s most popular Environmental Parks.

(Council spokesperson) said the mechanical removal was a very efficient way of removing large quantities of the weed.

“For several years Council has been using a biological control - the Salvinia weevil to keep down the infestations of floating weeds rather than spraying herbicide.”

“Although this is quite effective, sometimes a mass of weeds forms a blockage in the lagoons which can only be removed with a machine such as this Truxor.”

The majority of the funding for the project has been obtained by the Bundaberg and District Landcare Association which has a long standing interest in the health of Baldwin Swamp.

President of Bundaberg Landcare Michael Johnson said that Salvinia and Water Hyacinth were some of Australia’s worst aquatic weeds. 

“The slowly moving water in the Baldwin Swamp lagoons together with nutrients from the catchment upstream create ideal conditions for the weeds.”

“Apart from being unsightly, they make the water unsuitable for fish and other native animals.”

Council staff are onsite to monitor the operation of the Truxor. 

Nearby residents and visitors to Baldwin Swamp are welcome to see the Truxor in operation from a distance but are not permitted to enter any area cordoned off by staff.

Funds for this project are being provided by the Queensland Government through the Burnett Mary Regional Group.

Click here to view a video of the mechanical harvester.



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