20 Million Trees Project in the Tinana Creeck Riparian Corridor

Jun 07, 2016

WEB_Lowland_Rainforest.jpgBMRG has been working with HQ Plantations, Queensland’s largest plantation timber company, on a conservation project in the Tinana Creek Riparian Corridor funded by the Australian Government’s 20 Million Trees initiative.

This riparian revegetation and restoration project aims to protect and enhance a site of approximately 10.8 ha of previously cleared and grazed land and a strip of riparian vegetation along 1.7 km of streambank in the corridor.

The site known as “Wedgewood” contains EPBC listed, critically endangered Lowland Rainforest of Subtropical Queensland and the shrub Quassia which is listed as vulnerable. Tinana creek is also habitat for important aquatic species such as the Mary River Turtle and the Giant Barred Frog.

Preparations for the project involved the creation of an all-weather access track and the establishment of an extensive plant species list and a comprehensive site plan. Onsite seed collection has been undertaken with the view of future propagation and plantings. An exclusion fence has been constructed to reduce the impact of cattle encroaching into the creek and the adjacent site. Plantings using appropriate native species consistent with those already in the area have also been completed.

The project is expected to produce many significant environmental outcomes. In addition to restoring the connectivity and function of the riparian and adjacent area, the project will provide improved streambank stability and condition, habitat for threatened aquatic species, water quality improvements through reduction of sediment, nutrient and pesticides entering the waterways, resistance to flood damage and the expansion and conservation of the critically endangered Lowland Rainforest of Subtropical Australia.

Future plantings and maintenance are planned for what is expected to be a long term, 10 year project. The project will also be used to increase community awareness about the value of conservation works with a series of field days conducted by the project participants.

The project is a collaborative effort with BMRG being supported in its delivery by HQ Plantations, Noosa and Gympie Landcare groups and the Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee each playing a significant role.

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