Low Cost Gully Rehabilitation Report

Jul 20, 2016

International Water Centre (IWC) Student Neeru Ghale from Nepal has recently completed her Masters Degree in Integrated Water Management with high distinction, while partnering with BMRG for the last 6 months. 
Her study project was titled “An Integrated Water Resource Management Assessment of Stuart River Catchment Gully Rehabilitation Project”.
John Day, BMRG soil conservation officer helped to guide Neeru through her study project with local knowledge of gully erosion sites and contacts with local producers in the Stuart Catchment west of Kingaroy.  Neeru’s project evaluated and expanded on the BMRG work done in gully erosion control in the Stuart catchment over the last 3 years.  As part of her commitment to BMRG she also provided a separate paper entitled, “Low Cost Gully Rehabilitation Techniques – A Literature Search” which provides the basis for a planned advisory publication on practical options for landholders.
Neeru interviewed a number of landholders and assisted in the design and development of a gully erosion rehabilitation site in the Gordonbrook area.   The gully site was encroaching on a council road and had exposed a Tesltra cable and needed substantial earth works and rock work to ensure there was no further problem.
Neeru plans to further her studies in integrated catchment management with a PHD in the future after she returns to her family for a very welcome reunion after her eighteen month study course in Australia.

BMRG look forward to further opportunities to partner with the IWC and their very professional Masters Students.

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