Friends of Rifle Range Creek Environment Group - Restoration Project

Mar 23, 2017

Above Photo: Deputy Mayor of Bundaberg City Council Bill Trevor presents an Appreciation Certificate to group members, to commemorate their hard work.
Left to Right: Bill Trevor, Lee Szczerbinski, Heather Usher, Adam Baigri “Friends of Rifle Range Group” Nick Maclean operations supervisor NRM Bundaberg City Council.

During Last Year, the invasive pest weed Leucaena destroyed the habitats of several native birds that nested in Rifle Creek. Local resident Heather Usher organized the Friends of Rifle Range Creek Environment Group to eliminate the pest completely. Their first call to action was on Sunday the 14th of August 2016, where their main motive was to get the ball rolling by cutting down the unsightly dead Leucaena with chainsaws, to be collected by council trucks.

On Saturday the 10th of December 2016, the Friends of Rifle Range Creek celebrated the clearing of Leucaena from the stage 1 area of the Restoration Project, Adam, Les and Heather kept busy with the stage 1 area after it had been cleared out. This was done by controlling seedlings with appropriate pesticides and also planting selected native trees. The Friends of Rifle Creek are pleased to announce that stage 2 of the Restoration Project will commence after Easter 2017.

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