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Apr 06, 2017

Landholders and resource management practitioners converged on Booubyjan to attend the Soil health and erosion control workshop held at Amy and Rhys Innes’s property.  Feedback was very positive with all gaining a new appreciation of the potential of our soils.

Mark Sugars, Senior Land resources officer explains the productivity potential of a deep clay alluvial soil to workshop participants.  

Landholders and resource management practitioners converged on Amy and Rhys Innes’s property near Booubyjan to attend the Soil Health and Erosion Control workshop held last week.  Feedback was very positive with all gaining a new appreciation of the potential of our soils.

The focus of the day was to provide an overview of the soil types and the geology and the land use capability for the soils in the Bonara creek valley near Booubyjan.  Mark Sugars and Warwick Brown, Soil scientists from DNRM Bundaberg, took the workshop participants through a comprehensive program on Geology and soil formation, soil properties, soil identification and soil fertility and productive potential.  Part of the day was spent in the shed with power point presentations and the rest was outside with hands on demonstrations and discussion. 

Soil cores were extracted at four sites across the landscape from the alluvial creek flats to the gravelly mid hill slopes.  This provided a very good overview of the different soils and related land types on the property.   Each soil core was examined and simple tests were performed to assess clay content, structure and soil PH. 

John Day, Soil Conservation Officer with Burnett Mary Regional Group was also on hand and provided a presentation on general Soil conservation and dam by wash erosion control.  Many different techniques for erosion control were discussed and once again the significance of the presentation was reiterated with explanations and discussion at field sites.   “The main points to remember with dam by wash construction are correct design of the dam and the by wash width at the start, correct placement of the dam in the drainage line and construction of all works to the correct design parameters”, he said.

The day was organised by Marisa Young from Burnett Catchment Care Association in association with the Burnett Mary Regional Group and two of the resource management projects running in the region.

“The enthusiasm and feedback from the participants was very gratifying”, Marisa said.  She said there was another workshop planned for the Mundubbera region later in May and another good role up is anticipated.

For more information on the upcoming workshop please contact Marisa on 0439032253 or at

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