Traditional Owner Engagement

Working with Traditional Owner Groups

Traditional Owner Groups have significant cultural and historical links to the Burnett Mary region. Our Traditional Owner program aims to;

  • enhance the body of knowledge in the region on Indigenous historical and archaeological sites, 
  • celebrate and preserve Traditional Ecological Knowledge by creating a database of audio and visual recordings about culture, history and traditional land management practices, and 
  • provide a forum for each Traditional Owner group to have a say in the formation and implementation of natural resource management projects.

BMRG is supporting the following Traditional Owner Groups in our region:



Djaku-nde & Jangerie Jangerie

Gooreng Gooreng


Taribilang Bunda

Kabi Kabi/Gubbi Gubbi

Wulli Wulli

Wakka Wakka



This support will also be extended to include bordering groups as well to better facilitate representation in projects for the region and to support all indigenous groups and people.

Traditional Owner Engagement Activities

In the next 12 months, BMRG will be facilitating and coordinating activities with Traditional Owner groups to build skills, knowledge, resilience and regional capacity to support Indigenous involvement in natural resource management (NRM).  These include;

  • Development and delivery of cultural awareness training for Landcare groups and NRM organisations
  • Development and promotion of education materials relating to the Port Curtis and Coral Coast Native Title claim area (PCCC) by working with the PCCC traditional owner applicants and Gidarjil Cultural Heritage Corporation to provide teaching aids and public awareness information
  • Support the development and implementation of traditional sea management plans and policy in the Port Curtis area
  • Develop cultural use protocols for supporting the promotion of knowledge recordings and other publicly available material on the online cultural database
  • Support the promotion of teaching Indigenous knowledge and connection to Country to local schools
  • Host an annual gathering of all the repetitive claim groups in the Burnett Mary Region to undertake knowledge sharing and awareness raising activities
  • Training with Traditional Owner groups in the fundamentals of NRM
  • Support the identification and protection of significant cultural sites in the region
  • Assist with the creation of Traditional Knowledge recordings


Traditional_Knowledge_Recording.jpgTraditional Knowledge Recording

Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) is being lost at an alarming rate throughout the country. With the support of the Australian Government, the Burnett Mary Regional Group is working with Aboriginal Elders and Indigenous stakeholders to capture and preserve TEK with 'on country' audio and visual recordings.

Recordings are an effective way of capturing and protecting historical and cultural knowledge.  Visual and audio recordings are a valuable tool for sharing knowledge and fostering understanding, providing insight into the traditions of the custodians of our rich land.  

They are also a means of celebrating the rich cultural connection of Aboriginal people in the Burnett Mary. As an example of just some of the recordings that have been created, below are two short videos of Gooreng Gooreng elder Uncle Mervyn Johnson, and his son, Everett Johnson.  

Anyone wishing to contribute to this database or seeking further information can contact BMRG.

Video 1 

Uncle Mervyn Johnson

This video shows Uncle Mervyn Johnson giving an introduction to country. It demonstrates connection to land around Round Hill at 1770 though to Miriam vale as his son follows on to talk about the traditional fire management and land calling for rain.

Video 2

Uncle Everett Johnson

This video promotes the Gooreng Gooreng connection to land around the Miriam Vale to Agnes waters area and the traditional use of fire management to best care for and protect country. 


Scar_tree.jpgManaging Sites of Historical Significance

Scar trees, shell middens, bora rings, artifact scatters, quarry sites, native wells and traditional pathways are all historical sites of significance within the Burnett Mary region.

These sites are recognised as being of high conservation value. In conjunction with regional cultural heritage bodies, BMRG supports the management and protection of these sites.  

For more information on how BMRG works to manage culturally significant sites click here