In accordance with the Burnett Mary Regional Group for Natural Resource Management Ltd (BMRG) Constitution, BMRG is calling a general election of Directors.

The election process will be conducted between 14 October 2022 and 25 November 2022. Nominations are called for three (3) Board Director positions on the BMRG Board representing the members of BMRG.

Two (2) Directors will be appointed to hold office for a three (3) year term from the 2022 AGM and one (1) Director will be appointed to hold office for a one (1) year term from the 2022 AGM.

Any two members may nominate (in writing), a Board candidate for election as a Director of BMRG.

Nominations for election to the Board will close at 5:00pm on Friday 28 October 2022. The results of the election will be announced at the BMRG Annual General Meeting to be held at the Cultural Centre, Bargara Qld on Friday 25 November 2022.

A nomination form is available via  this link .

For further information contact BMRG on (07) 4181 2999 or at