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From the ground up field walk


About this event

The Burnett Mary Regional Group and Central Burnett Landcare invite you to attend our ‘From the ground up’ field walk for anyone interested in multispecies pastures, soil health and data driven decision-making tools.


John Moor, Biological Farming

Discussion on multispecies pastures including:

  • How to plant them
  • How to manage them
  • How species diversity can improve soil health and stability, as well as overall profitability
  • Field walk through established, irrigated multispecies pasture

John Day, Soil Conservation

  • Soil conservation principles
  • Managing groundcover to reduce erosion risk
  • Gully Erosion – options for rehabilitation and prevention including on-farm examples of stick rake lines

Jack Milbank, CEO + Agronomist + Beef Producer, AgoPro Technology (Ceres Tag Software Partner)

  • AgPro Technology provides a platform for farmers, agronomists and livestock producers to manage their farm and livestock data.
  • How the technology can assist with planning and decision-making to deliver optimal long-term improvements to your farms, fields and livestock.
  • Ceres Tag prototypes
  • Software demonstration


For inquiries, contact BMRG at emma.baker@bmrg.org.au or 0409 459 669

This is a COVID safe event, please stay at home if unwell or have a cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue or shortness of breath. If you become unwell during the event please notify BMRG staff who will assist you. Maintaining physical distancing is the individual’s responsibility.



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