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The Australian Government has been a major investor in natural resource management since the mid-1980s, initially through the Natural Heritage Trust (NHT),  then through Caring for our Country, leading to today’s Phase Two of the National Landcare Program, referred to as the Regional Land Partnerships Program.

All these programs have similar components:

  • They have provided support through funding for 56 regional NRM groups that supports both the delivery of on-ground projects (either directly by the NRM groups or by their regional partners, including for example, Landcare and industry groups) and the important role of NRM groups in planning and coordinating effort across the different levels of government with those of the regional community.
  • They provide direct grants to Landcare and other community groups.
  • They support national programs that respond to issues relating to national research and development requirements, national estate management and international obligations.

Further information on the National Landcare Program can be found at the Australian government’s NRM web portal:


Queensland is investing more than $61 million between 2018 and 2022 to ensure the state’s natural land and water resources are sustainably managed under the Natural Resources Investment Program. This includes dedicated funds for Great Barrier Reef catchments.

The funding acknowledges the important role that the natural resource management bodies and the community play in repairing and improving Queensland’s unique assets for future generations.

The focus of this round of funding is to develop innovative approaches to improve land and water condition, with key outcomes contributing towards improvements such as:

  • health and stability of soil
  • condition and extent of native vegetation
  • quality and flow of water
  • water entering the Great Barrier Reef.

The funding provides an opportunity for the development of new and more efficient processes, technologies, activities and tools to improve, repair and restore Queensland’s natural assets.

Further information on the Natural Resources Investment Program, including the 2013-2018 projects, can be found at the Queensland Government’s portal:


The six Local governments within the Burnett Mary region play a critical role in maintaining and protecting natural assets on both private and public land within their area. BMRG works collaboratively with all Local Governments to develop and deliver projects to protect and enhance our region.

Collectively, these six local governments constitute the Wide Bay Burnett Regional Organisation of Councils, which was formed in 1999 to represent the interests of all councils within the Wide Bay Burnett region.

With the support of the Australian Government through the National Landcare Program, local government associations from Queensland and New South Wales have produced several publications and guidelines that may also be useful for landholders, groups and businesses.  These resources can be found here.

In addition to the six Local Governments included within the Burnett Mary region, BMRG also works closely with neighbouring Local Governments such as Gladstone and Western Downs Regional Councils.



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