In a vote of confidence for the Burnett Mary region’s agricultural sector, BMRG has joined forces with Greencollar – Australia’s largest carbon project developer.  This partnership is an Australian first and seeks to enlist eligible landholders into the Australian Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF).

Carbon Farming projects can generate income for landholders through changes in land management practices which reduce greenhouse gas emissions or store carbon in soil and vegetation. The ERF allows landholders to implement carbon storage or emissions abatement activities to generate and sell carbon credits.

Eligible activities that landholders can undertake to produce carbon credits include: changes to livestock management; protecting native vegetation at risk of clearing; regeneration of native vegetation and improving soil carbon. For many of the region’s farmers already undertaking these activities, carbon farming can provide an additional income stream that is not dependent on commodity prices.

Through the partnership, Greencollar has established a team within BMRG’s Bundaberg office to undertake property assessments throughout the Burnett Mary region. Looking ahead, the focus will be on bringing together a range of carbon projects and partnerships to underpin a larger scale of investment and assist Australia meet internationally agreed emissions targets while improving productivity on the land.

Key Contact:

Mark Lincoln
Queensland Business Manager, Greencollar

P: 07 4181 2999
M: 0438 196 635