Project Description

Resilient and Productive Farmers Across the Burnett Mary Region is a five year project ending in June 2023 funded by the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

The Resilient and Productive Farmers project has two key aspects:

  1. Is assisting graziers in the Inland Burnett with information and tools to support good land management practices with a particular focus on healthy soil, pasture management and on-farm activities which encourages native vegetation and biodiversity.
  2. Is supporting agricultural producers in the Burnett Mary Region with information and practical steps to adapt to a changing climate.

Graziers in the Central and South Burnett catchment areas are able to access free support from the project extension officer assisting in areas such as property management planning, understanding soil properties and assessing health and erosion risks, assessing pasture and land condition, property mapping, matching the number of animals to the pasture supply, incorporating a pasture resting or spelling system, drought and extreme event planning.

This project also brings a range of information sessions and workshops to graziers in the Central-South Burnett catchment areas either for free or a subsidised rate for land managers – often partnering with Landcare and local producer groups and tailoring topics to local interests.

Through the Resilient and Productive Farmers project Burnett Mary Regional Group partners with groups and organisations to deliver workshops, presenters and topics to stimulate conversations, provide information and support land managers in building on-farm resilience with particular emphasis on managing our land resource in this changing climate – one which is trending towards warmer weather both in winter and summer, more extreme rainfall events and longer more severe droughts.

Key Contact:

Ann McKenzie





Ann McKenzie
Grazing Land Management Officer

P: 07 4181 2999