Project Description

Hillslope erosion in the inland Burnett Mary area has been identified as a priority issue by the Australian Government, as supported by groundcover spatial datasets (Bare Ground Index) interrogated by BMRG.

The  land management practices that improve hillslope erosion (i.e. increase groundcover) and productivity in grazing are well understood and documented in the Reef Plan Paddock to Reef Grazing Water Quality Risk Framework. They include:

  • Adjusting stock rates consistent in response to seasonal condition & considering long-term carrying capacity & land condition
  • Property land condition assessment using the ABCD framework
  • Resting pasture and wet season spelling
  • Managing variations in land types
  • Monitoring of groundcover
  • Implementing strategies to recover land in poor condition and
  • Management of riparian & river frontage

This project works with graziers & industry to improve knowledge in soil health, pasture condition, native vegetation and biodiversity while boosting agricultural productivity and profitability. Practical information & extension services are being delivered through group workshops, field days, forums and one-on-one extension.

Graziers’ knowledge and skills will be enhanced on topics such as hillslope erosion and the secondary benefits of soil carbon. Graziers will be confident to undertake practice changes to stabilise hillslope erosion through improved groundcover & pasture management. The project will also increase graziers’ understanding of climate and market variability and  increase their knowledge of recommended tools and practices to increase resilience.

A key aspect of this project is continuation of the highly successful “Better Catchments” program (NLP 1 funded) managed by BMRG. The engagement and extension approaches have been designed and delivered in current agricultural extension programs including Reef Trust III & Better Beef for the Reef. The project also aligns with the priorities identified in the recently developed Burnett Mary Regional Extension Strategy. This project is heavily focused on the provision of group & one-on-one extension – workshops, training events, field days & structured peer to peer landholder groups.

Key Contact:


P: +61 7 4181 2999