Project Description


This project provides an in-field educational platform for farmers to learn how to increase soil organic matter in grazing systems using compost and the introduction of cell grazing techniques.

The project builds on the BMRG’s highly regarded soil conservation service by extending advisory services for land managers in the region. It also incorporates the development of field sites to demonstrate best practice, low cost remediation techniques, provide peer to peer learning opportunities and engagement with land managers to develop locally relevant information. Land manager engagement methods include one-on-one engagement and group events as well as extension material. Landholders will will be engaged in a peer learning program to develop their capacity to assess changing soil organic matter, and to identify and implement the most effective pasture management techniques to increase soil organic matter.

The first activity is a study tour of five sites where pastures are being managed for increased organic matter, including the addition of compost. Participants can then nominate to have compost applied on a 15ha  area of their own farm where they will monitor changes in soil organic matter and other indicators of soil health. They will gain practical soil organic matter assessment skills and knowledge of cell grazing techniques that will guide management decision-making aimed at increasing soil organic matter in their own paddocks.  


Key Contact:

Cathy Mylrea

Manager, Land and Water

P: 07 4181 2999
M: 0448 041 282