Burnett Mary Regional Group

‘Strait Expectations’ – Restoring Great Sandy Strait Ramsar Wetlands

Straight expectations 1

BMRG’s ‘Strait Expectations’ project aims to enhance the ecological character of the Ramsar-listed Great Sandy Strait wetlands through a combination of upstream sedimentation control works and on-site remediation activities.

Bank stabilisation and flow dispersion works at the “Carters” and “Samples” sites on the Mary River will reduce sedimentation mobilisation to the downstream wetlands. This will mitigate the loss of benthic marine habitats in the wetlands and assist in preserving the roosting and foraging sites of the eastern curlew and other migratory species.

Bank restoration works at Carters will also enhance nesting habitats for the endangered Mary River turtle and Mary River Cod.

Through the development of a Small Grants Program, the project also incorporates a feral pig control program within the Ramsar site, including areas of critical shorebird and marine turtle habitat. Pest weed eradication  and remnant vegetation remediation will also be carried out within prioritised riparian zones.

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E: admin@bmrg.org.au

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