Queensland’s natural resource management (NRM) bodies are committed to empowering and supporting Traditional Owners to realise their rights and interests and connect with and care for Country.

Collectively, we have committed to supporting transition from NRM agency-led activities to a model where Traditional Owner agencies lead works and collaborate with NRM agencies to plan and deliver activities.

For Reconciliation week NRM groups across Queensland are sharing the achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

We will be sharing great stories from our social media networks to give you an opportunity to learn more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Caring for Country starts with being brave and making a change.

We are proud to work with local Traditional Owner groups in our region on many projects including:

Bulburin National Park Bushfire Recovery Project
Burnett River Water Quality Project
Discovery Coast
Post-fire monitoring of the K’gari and Ramsar wetlands
Nest to Ocean
Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator
Conserving the Outstanding Universal Values of World Heritage Properties: Protecting Saltmarsh and Marine Turtle Monitoring
‘Strait Expectations’ – Restoring Great Sandy Strait Ramsar Wetlands

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