Sustainable Grazing & Conserving Soils 

Agricultural land use in the Burnett Mary region is dominated by grazing with approximately 3 million hectares of the region being utilised.  A 2010-11 assessment on grazing management practices in the Burnett Mary region identified that approximately 620 graziers were using C or D class grazing management practices (from the ABCD framework) on over 900,000 hectares of the region.  The Burnett Mary Regional group is working with croppers and graziers in the region to help increase their knowledge of soil conservation and implement best practice management techniques. By improving soil health, landholders can reduce erosion on their properties and increase their productivity. There is also a water quality benefit with a reduction in the amount of sediment and nutrient runoff.

What's it all about?

BMRG is presently conducting erosion mitigation activities at four priority locations in the South Burnett and after 1 July 2014 will promote practice change and on-ground works via incentives across 10,000 ha in the North Burnett, South Burnett and Gympie regions.  This program is funded by the Queensland Government under the Queensland Regional NRM Investment Program 2013-16. Through this program BMRG will provide support and advice for landholders about the best ways to go about implementing soil conservation practices.

BMRG will also support Reef Plan priorities and actions through a coordinated regional approach. Annual pesticide and fertiliser use data will be collected and provided to Reef modellers to assist in determining the impact of improved management practices. Assistance to the review and update of the Cane ABCD framework will also be completed.

BMRG will work with the Queensland Government, Landcare groups, agricultural groups and Landholders to deliver this program.

Outcomes of Sustainable Grazing & Soil Conservation Program

Major activities that will be undertaken include:

  • Erosion control implemented at 9 priority sites within the South Burnett Region
  • 40 landholders with improved land management practice over 10,000 ha
  • 44 Property Management Plans developed with landholders
  • Collection of annual fertiliser and pesticide use data

Key Contact

Cathy Mylrea
(07) 4181 2999 (ext 301)